Odd Star Like “UFO’s” seen in MA and WV.

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While reading the Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel back in 2008 (for the first time – Great Book by the way), I read something pretty interesting in it. There was a section mentioning star like UFO’s Keel and a Reporter Friend, “Mary Hyre” (believe that was her name), saw during the night, an Overcast night. Shining a Six Cell Flashlight at them made them jump out of the way. This event is fairly well documented by a trusted source in the community. But… It’s not the only report of these oddball ‘stars’. I saw at least one of these myself. Back in 2008.

It was nov 16, 2008, a similar overcast night, so cloudy, that the Moon wasn’t visible. Yet there were 3 bright star like objects in the sky that night, first seen around 5:00 PM, in the Boston Area. They were  Seen ONLY that night. That’s right, I never saw them again… Ever. They were the same brightness as a bright but not really bright star, blue and white colored, and flickered very quickly. They first appeared to my South-South west, as seen from my home. As we were driving from where I live to a restaurant in the Bridgewater triangle, I observed these lights  closely.  The apparent direction they were in changed slowly. They were now West of us. Due west. Not south south west. No star or planet changes apparent direction like this that quickly. Yes, they move, but not that fast.  Celestial bodies, even planets are seen in the same area of the sky for these short periods of time, as long as the viewer is in the same basic area of the world, northeast US, for instance.  These changed direction quickly, within 15 minutes. Meaning either, they moved quickly but not crazy like normal UFO reports, or they were objects IN our atmosphere  that conveniently disappeared later on that night. I looked outside around 12:00 AM, when the stars came back out, and these mysterious stars we saw earlier weren’t even visible then.

To debunk the Idea that these things were stars, planets, Satellites in Orbit around Earth, Airplanes, Helicopters, etc, I used a free Planetarium and Solar System Simulator called Celestia. Celestia allows you to travel between planets and Stars, and it does a great job Simulating the universe. I set the date in the Sim to Nov 16, 2008, the time to 5:00 PM, and planted myself right over where Boston is, turned south south east, and lowered myself to ground level.I then looked up in the sky to see what was there.. This image shows what would be viewable on an overcast night, by lowering the magnitude to least stars seen.

Notice the only bright objects that could be mistaken for this “Star”, the Planets Jupiter and Venus. Neither is the right color for starters. Venus does change color a lot due to atmosphere conditions here on earth, according to this site. But that site fails to mention it turning Blue.  The only other Blue Planet in our Solar System besides us (Neptune) is too far away to be seen with the naked eye, on a clear night, never mind a Overcast one.  Jupiter is a brown planet and the atmosphere makes it look the color of an egg shell according to this site. But… That’s far from Blue… So throw Jupiter out the Window. This couldn’t have been Jupiter.  Now the other things that could be mistaken for this move too fast to be this. Keep in mind, these objects were either standing still, or moving VERY slowly. But NOT slow enough to be planets/stars. Planes travel MUCH faster from our viewpoint than these stars did. Ditto for Helicopters.  Satellites? Well a discussion on Abovetopsecret.com mentions people seeing ODD stars back in 2009, far more odd than mine. Someone tried to say, “Oh, that’s an Iridium Flare”. What’s an Iridium Flare? It’s when an Iridium Satellite reflects light from the sun on it’s Iridium plating. That makes it flare up so bright, that it becomes close to half the brightness of the full moon.  It goes from invisible to half-full moon brightness for a few seconds then fades back to invisible.  Now neither the “Stars” I saw or the Ones these people on that forum Observed were That bright. Theirs changed brightness and flickered and moved more than mine, but Every single Youtube video of an Iridium flare shows the Satellite moving Airplane Speed. The Youtube video of these objects they saw in the sky shows that the objects are not moving that fast, but are very odd. Check it out here. Keeps changing colors and moves slowly (or is that the camera moving, I Don’t know)  Another video that shows a Eerily similar UFO to the ones I saw in 2008, was filmed in Germany and can be found here. In a forum, Iridium Flares are used to Debunk sightings like this. Well Iridium Flares Move. According to the Youtube video’s, and are invisible until they flare up, usually. These are Very visible and even though they are known to disappear like the ones I saw and the ones posted on ATS, they don’t flare up, slowly changing brightness like an Iridium Flare Does. So No, that can’t explain these, especially mine, which were seen on a Overcast night. The discussion ends with a post made by someone who observed the ATS post lights under a Telescope, and said they were Very UFO Like, looked circular with a pitch black cross in the middle, and had multi colored lights in the non-cross areas. He also mentioned he saw 4+ of these things per night, Making his sighting, probably different than the others.

I tried to photograph the “Stars” I saw that night, but the one photo I managed to get, (which was heavily enhanced, only way I could see it, brightening didn’t help) died in a Virus  accident 2 years ago. If I do see something like this again, I will try to Photo these, with a High shutter setting, should help. The lack of a Six Cell Flashlight, that I would need to test the moving when shined on property isn’t helping either.


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